Sunday, November 3, 2013

R.I.P. Nick Cardy

Just last night, I was posting on a Facebook thread about good Comic-Con experiences of times past, and it had me reflecting on the artist Ernie Chan, who I commissioned a sketch from in 2011 and sadly died the next year.

Today comes news that legendary artist Nick Cardy has passed away. Cardy had done some fantastic interiors as well, but for me, looking at DC Comics in the 70's, if a DC book had an amazing cover it was often either the work of Cardy or Neal Adams.

I admit I wasn't originally that familiar with his work, until one year I happened to be on an airport shuttle from SDCC right next to Mr. Cardy himself. I immediately looked up his work, and of course since then, magazines like Back Issue have made sure I know all about him. He was gracious, kind, and very talented.

He may not have had the notoriety of a Jack Kirby or a Gil Kane in the ultimate scheme of things, but Google his work sometime and you'll see he was a titan himself. He will be missed.

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