Sunday, February 22, 2015

Issue #666

It was recently announced that the current incarnation of Archie comic books would be ending their run with issue #666 - an odd place to jump off, but we'll go with it.

Interestingly, though, it reminds me of something I noticed with the first two American comic book series I ever saw to hit that triple-6 number of Satan - Action Comics and Detective Comics, both published by DC.

Perhaps by coincidence, those #666 issues all ended up with new cover logos by the time they got to their next #667 issues. Maybe the editors of those books were superstitious?

The only other American comic book series in the modern era that I can recall getting to that number (so, no Dell Four Color) were Batman, Superman, and The Amazing-Spider-Man - and all three, as far as I can recall, stayed as is. Of course, all of those series have now been rebooted and will probably never get to that high number again, so there's that. At least two of those #666 issues, if I recall, involved those characters going to Hell, though.

I'm excited for the new Archie reboot, by the way, though it's a shame the current highest-numbered book couldn't get retitled, maybe bringing back the Archie Giant Series with #667 or something... but, as I said before, it's still a weird place to leave off.

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